1/4″ Carbon Fiber Knife Scale Set of 2


1/4″ thick Carbon Fiber knife scales sold as a set of 2, ready to be used in luxury carbon fiber knife handles.

These carbon fiber knife scales are sold in 2 standard sizes! Select the quantity and the size that you need from the scroll down menu.


1/4″ thick Carbon Fiber plate material, ready to be used for knife scales or other products. Made from a hybrid fabric composed of colored glass fiber and carbon fiber fabric.

This carbon fiber knife scale is sold as a set of 2 pieces, each with a size of 2×6″ or 1.5×6″.

The carbon fiber fabric used is of a very high quality, and I use water clear transparent resins to make sure the colors stay as rich and nice as they naturally are. The materials as you see are “all natural”. No finish coatings, no polishing job or any other aid was used to make them look better then they are. What you see is what you get! 🙂

All my carbon fiber is handmade with a custom developed high tech process so that the material has extremely high quality and absolutely NO voids. Not even microvoids, or any other imperfections. It has been cured at high temperatures and is very hard so it machines and polishes very well! It will give your products a very high quality finish and it can be processed well like other carbon fiber.

I provide a no voids guarantee on my carbon fiber plates! I am totally confident that you will not find any voids or even microvoids in my products, but if you ever find any small voids, I will give you a free replacement product. To this date though, no customer has yet come to me that has found voids in a material I made and wanted to claim a replacement product!

I sell high quality carbon fiber sheets in many colors and variations and thicknesses. All in high quality, all very unique. Please check my shop for all the colors that I have currently available. If you have a specific color or color combination in mind or thickness, please feel free to ask me!

Additional information

Dimensions .25 in
Knife Scales Dimensions

1.5" x 6" (set of 2), 2" x 6" (set of 2)