About Luxury Carbon Fiber

About Luxury Carbon Fiber

The situation
CarbonWaves does not make the typical “industry standard carbon fiber”. We make “CarbonWaves” luxury carbon fiber. Typical carbon fiber that is aerospace grade or otherwise industry created has voids due to the standard mass-production process of layering prepreg (pre impregnated / wetted) layers on top of each other and then processing the stack further in a vacuum and heating process. This inherently traps pockets of air in between the layers. Even if the material is LVA (low void Aerospace) standard, there is still 1% of voids. To the industry, this is “only” a small amount, and there just is no way around it. As the standard production methods are optimized for large scale cheap production where saving costs and producing fast and easy are more important then the quality of the material.

The problem
The typical industry standard carbon fiber will work well enough for industrial applications but it is not designed to be machined into products with any aesthetic value. It is designed to be produced cheap while still being strong, but compromises have been made on all other aspects that matter if the carbon fiber is used in a machined process or processed into products that need to look great. When making products with industry carbon it will be difficult to machine it as it may fray fairly easily, it could be a challenge to process and machine in general. When detailing the material it will also be difficult to achieve a high finish on it and get that perfect result that you want. Just when you are about done with the piece and do some high polish sanding on it, you discover a considerable void!! A large pocket of ugliness right in the center of the piece that will certainly be an eyesore on your product! What if you sand it down and machine it away? Surely that will work, right? Or will you uncover a collection of new voids? Or will this create even a bigger problem? A problem for sure and a nightmare for any maker of high quality end products.

We have worked in the aerospace industry, so we know that the highest quality of industrial carbon fiber known as “aerospace grade” is certainly the best carbon fiber to build airplanes from. However, it is not ideally suited for creating aesthetic looking products from due to the voids that are inherently always present. Voids and other imperfections are always in the material simply because of the production method of layering prepreg (wet) fabrics on top of one another which entraps air.

Industry carbon fiber is also not created for consumer products because, the resins might be tinted or colored and will distort the beauty of carbon fiber itself. The fabrics may also have lots of imperfections and also the surface sides will not be as awe inspiringly perfect as it should be.

The solution
The founder of Carbon Waves has worked with carbon fiber for over 25 years, has a background in aeronautical engineering and has worked in the traditional carbon fiber industry for many years as well. He knows how the material typically is produced, what quality it has, and because of the engineering background he also knows why it does what it does. With typical production methods you get typical results. Certainly there are factors to improve it, but if the production process is not designed to achieve things it can not do, it will not do it no matter what.

This is why CarbonWaves has taken carbon fiber production entirely back to square one and designed a new unique production method exactly catered to achieve luxury carbon fiber. Which is perfect, flawless, aesthetically optimized, void free and strong carbon fiber. That is ready to be machined with ease and joy, it can be polished and detailed to any extend that you would like without surprises. No voids! No imperfections! No flaws! Or any other things you do not want. Just perfect carbon fiber that is consistently high quality!

To achieve our high quality we did not choose the easiest route. Nor was it a straight forward process. For any new advantage we wanted to create in our materials we found many new problems we had to overcome. Only with a lot of testing, experimenting and producing again and again did we overcome the problems to achieve our high quality. Slowly but surely we overcame it all. With our continous daily production we could gradually improve our production process to fine tune it even further. So, that at this point we can now produce a very consistent high quality material that is reliable all the way through plate after plate. We produce plates on a daily basis. After making thousands of plates we have set the absolute standard in top quality carbon fiber that is used in $100 rings, $1,000 knives or $30,000 watches.

Scaling up our production has offered us a whole new set of challenges as maintaining our 100% quality standard was absolutely top priority. To achieve this it also took continous development and a lot of effort, but we have also achieved this! So, that we can produce more material to make even more people happy. All the while making sure our materials are still absolutely flawless, perfect, and in large quantities!

CarbonWaves has led the way in producing luxury grade top quality carbon fiber. Altho these days there are other producers that make materials for the luxury carbon fiber market only CarbonWaves has an entirely custom developed production process. While all others use industry standard production methods. This is how only CarbonWaves can offer you a void-free guarantee on all of its materials!! We have offered this for years already and have yet to have any customer claim it. Ask anybody who has ever worked with our materials. Ask them about the quality of CarbonWaves materials or look in our testimonials section!

How this helps you
The absolute top quality materials of CarbonWaves will serve you well in many ways:

  • Easier, faster machining and processing of materials = Time Saving
  • Easier detailing with a better finish and better looking product! = Time Saver
  • No risk of voids, only flawless perfect material any way you shape it. = Less Worries
  • Better materials make for a better higher priced product for you. = More Money
  • Many styles in materials make for many new products for you! = Extra Income
  • Our high quality ingredients make for a better looking product for you = Happier Customers
  • Quick turnaround on orders = Fast Re-Stocking
  • Less worries about materials = More Happiness!!

We make sure your materials are top quality so you can focus on other things!