About Us

About Us
CarbonWaves is a company that produces a wide variety of high quality luxury composites for a variety of luxury products. Our products are all void free and absolutely flawless so they can be produced into a wide variety of products that can have a very high quality perfect surface finish.

What we do
CarbonWaves is a leading composite manufacturer that focuses on very high quality composite materials in all sorts of styles, colors and thicknesses. Our materials are intended for all kinds of artists and companies that want to create beautiful unique products using high quality modern materials. We sell sizes from 1×1″ and up to much larger sizes to supply to anybody from hobbyists to large scale companies. We also help our customers with information to process our materials in an enjoyable way and get the best results with the materials. We continously create new materials so that you can also be on the leading edge with the products that you make from the CarbonWaves materials!

Who we are
CarbonWaves is a small company that was founded in 2014 to supply void free “perfect” carbon fiber to many artists and other makers. The founder has a background in aeronautical engineering. His knowledge of how typical (voided) carbon fiber is exactly created we have developed our own production process from scratch to create material that has absolutely no voids and is otherwise also perfect. As it is designed and developed to be used for creating products from. It can be machined and detailed extremely well to achieve the highest results for our customers!

We started selling our materials from sizes of 1×1″ and up. As this allows anybody to have access to our wide variety of growing materials. We want people to be able try our materials and get familiar with luxury carbon fiber. They can make a few products, offer it to their customers, sell those products and then come back for more! Our vastly growing customer base shows that many people are very happy with our different approach and extremely high quality standards for our materials.

Where we are going
We are a small team but are growing in staff and facilities quickly to accomodate larger customers and create new materials while offering top quality support and service to all our current customers. We also plan to stock even more materials so that we can do a direct turnaround on small orders but also larger orders!

We are also always working on new materials! This can be variations in our current product line for colors / thicknesses or styles but will also be entirely new materials! We aim to offer more options for lower priced materials in the future, but will also expand our high end range of materials with very exclusive special new styles!
We do accept custom orders for bulk materials to produce the material you want in any color / style / thickness layup that you have in mind.

We are also adding new resellers often and will be directly available in more locations so that you can order materials near you! Contact us if you are also interested in reselling the CarbonWaves materials. We also welcome new wholesale customers that need a large supply of top quality materials for a great price.