CarbonWaves Wholesalers

We have worked hard on growing our production while maintaining our highest of quality standards and now can offer our materials in considerable volumes to wholesale buyers!

If you use a lot of carbon fiber, are interested in getting multiple plates of 12×12″ and will need those probably on a continous basis then feel free to contact us for a custom price quote. We can offer very interesting wholesale discounts! For wholesale users we can offer very competetive rates that will make it worthwhile to choose CarbonWaves materials. Certainly if you consider that the CarbonWaves materials is the absolute best in the industry. We guaranteed flawless, void free, unique, easy to process and machine materials. So while our prices may be similar to others the CarbonWaves materials will save you time, give you a better resulting product that you can sell for more and we offer you a reliable consistent production for your products!

Many large businesses have chosen CarbonWaves materials because of this and we see all of them do well and grow their businesses further. As their customers are extremely happy to see the flawless unique CarbonWaves materials in the products from their favorite vendor!
Inquire with us about the options and please let us know what material / thickness / style / volume you are looking for and we will send you an offer that will mean good business for you!

We look forward to hearing from you and are always happy to welcome new wholesalers / resellers / customers that also get to enjoy the joy and beauty of working with CarbonWaves materials. “Not like any other carbon fiber” is something we hear very often.

Dont miss out, and contact us now!