CarbonWaves Resellers

You can buy CarbonWaves materials directly in our webshop but, you can also purchase some of our materials from our resellers!

We currently have the following resellers:

Maker Material Supply
Maker Material Supply sells a wide range of our materials from knife scales, glow carbon fiber, solid carbon fiber and other very cool materials! Check their shop under “composites” to find the CarbonWaves materials.

Patrick Adair Supplies
Patrick Adair sells many cool ring making materials like the CarbonWaves ring blank plates and our TurboGlow ring blanks.

We are interested in working with new resellers! If you would like to sell the CarbonWaves materials and promote CarbonWaves, please contact us. Our resellers receive considerable discounts to make it worthy investment. We also offer extra start up incentives for new resellers so, they can grow their assortment and volume quickly! So, they can sell CarbonWaves materials to their current customers as well as welcome new customers that are interested in CarbonWaves materials!